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Company Profile

HOOSL OFFSHORE OIL SERVICES LIMITED established on Feb 27, 2008 with its headquarters located in Hongkong. HOOSL is a China’s leading integrated oilfield services & petroleum equipment provider, and a comprehensive oilfield service company which integrates project design and field operations.

Our domain expertise combined with hardware, software and innovative digital technologies is enabling our customers to improve their performance by enhancing operational efficiency, lowering finding and producing costs, and improving productivity, all of which contribute to lowering their impact on the environment.

Optimizing the use of resources, ensuring well integrity, and reducing emissions are integral to the guiding principles that define the way in which HOOSL provides products and services worldwide.

 Hongkong Offshore Oil Services Limted
Address: No.58 Changliu Road, Pudong Shanghai P.R.China
Phone :86 -58620210
Fax :86 -58620210-8012