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     HOOSL OFFSHORE OIL SERVICES LIMITED established on Feb 27, 2008 with its headquarters located in Hongkong. HOOSL is a China’s leading integrated oilfield services & petroleum equipment provider, and a comprehensive oilfield service company which integrates project design, field operations such as drilling, completion services, drilling technique, equipment supply and rentals, logistics & warehouse etc.

HOOSL processes 9 drilling rigs, 2 workover rigs, 13 logging units and 2 cementing units, 5 oil/gas testing units and over 1000 multinational employees. After seven years of development, HOOSL has extended its services to major oil and gas fields in China and overseas market such as Asia, East Africa, Oceania and South America.Till the end of 2014, HOOSL has succeeded in drilling more than 300 wells of gas and oil, total footage is over 660,000m. HOOSL has made a great contribution to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, our role in supporting the oil/gas sector is widely accepted.

         HOOSLstrictly implement international standard in terms of safety and environment, work closely with clients to enhance efficient productivity. The maintenance and enforcement of an effective Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management program is HOOSL’s basic commitments.


 Hongkong Offshore Oil Services Limted
Address: No.58 Changliu Road, Pudong Shanghai P.R.China
Phone :86 -58620210
Fax :86 -58620210-8012