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Talent Developing Plan

Date: 2020-05-10
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Talent Developing Plan     

Enterprise sustainable development has become a common choice of mankind when the 21st century has come. The essence of the enterprise sustainable development is that the enterprises should consider not only needs for current development but needs for future development. 

Talent is the first resource who is the most important resources and the main driving force for scientific and technological progress and social economic development. At present, the competition between enterprises in the world is actually the competition of strategic resources which is mainly embodied by the competition of human resources. The capacity building of HR has become the key and core issue of the enterprise sustainable development, that is, the enterprise sustainable development must match with reasonably organized and adequate excellent talents.  

        The talent concept of our group company is Talent First. The employment principle is to most value quality, ability and performance, give full scope to the talents, make employees fit their positions, and look beyond education, qualification and experience, and status and follow no set pattern for talents. Recruiting methods are internationalization of talent and localization of employment.

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