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Date: 2015-07-23
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According to the market development, HOOSL will recruit the following professional technical talents.
(一) Positions      

       1、Rig Manager, Tool Pusher, Drilling engineer, Driller, HSE officer, Electrician, TDS engineer, Machinist, Mud engineer, Electric welder (International welder certificate is preferred)
       2、Cementing engineer, cement operator, Lab Technician, Cement truck driver
       3、Mud logging engineer, Mud logging geologist
       4、Well Logging engineer, exploration engineer
       5、Senior Administrative Talents: directors of the Business Management Department, the Financial Accounting Department and the HR Department and directors and senior secretaries of the General Office

(二)Basic Requirement

       1、Observe disciplines and obey laws with Good occupational ethics and obey the assignment
       2、Solid business basis and executive force related to positions
       3、Healthy male with age among 25 to 45 (as for some position, age can relax restrictions) can adapt abroad field operation and working environment

(三)Position Quality Requirement

       1、Has technical secondary school and higher degree of education (job qualification certificate and special post certificate shall be preferred)
       2、Continuously engage in drilling, cementing, mud logging and related positions for more than 3 years
       3、Proficiently master operation skills of employing positions with certain English basis and take precedence to employees with abroad working experience
       4、Senior administrative talents must have 10 years’ working experience in petroleum industry
(四)After singing labor contracts with employees, the company shall pay various social insurance for them
(五)Personally discuss for the salary


This recruitment announcement is always open. Contact person
TEL: 021-58620209

FAX: 021-58620210-8012


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