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HOOSL offer drilling fluids service in China, most in xinjiang province and Liaoning province, and offers cost effective mud engineering solutions for drilling complications like shale inhibition, abnormal pressure and temperature using both water and oil-based mud.

HOOSL has also successfully engineered wells demanding the use of carefully balanced chemical formulations in order to control sub-surface pressures and to perform a variety of other essential down-hole functions. HOOSL has experience in drilling exploratory, appraisal and development wells, both vertical and horizontal, we have wide experience in formulating drilling fluids for drilling complex geology with high H2S content and high temperatures. The result has been a rapid increase in the number of drilling contractors and operator company clients – with HOOSL having drilled more than 1000 wells in China.

The Drilling Fluid Engineers at HOOSL are drawn from a multinational pool of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Major clients include CNPC , CNOOC, COSLCITIC Energy, HOOSL, also provides integrated services with Drilling Fluids Engineering, Chemicals, Centrifuge and Brine Filtration Unit.


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