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On March 29, 2018, our 70528 drilling team officially started drilling the Mobei 903 well in Xinjiang Oilfield. During spring, in order to help the production of Xinjiang oil fields, our company organized the best equipments and resources to participate in the “Chunlei Action” of Xinjiang oilfield exploration and development. Before the commissioning of the rig, the installation time was very short. Plus, before the Spring Festival, it was the coldest season in Xinjiang Oilfield. The minimum temperature was approaching minus 30 degrees once. However, our employees were not hindered by the weather. They were instructed by the Xinjiang Oilfield and cooperated with the rig manufacturer Baoji Machinery Factory. Under the "Winter Operation Procedure", the drilling rig is commissioned ...
发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 10
(Bloomberg) -- The search for a grand bargain among oil producers now shifts to the Iranian capital. The spotlight that fixed Tuesday on Doha, Qatar -- where Saudi Arabia and Russia tentatively promised to freeze production in a step toward clearing the global oil glut -- is moving to Tehran. Iran and Iraq, the two OPEC nations now critical to any agreement, will meet there Wednesday with Venezuela, a broker of Tuesday’s accord. Saudi Arabia and Russia said their commitment to cap output at January levels depends on the cooperation of other producers. While an Iraqi official said his country w...
发布时间: 2016 - 02 - 17
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