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Oilfield Services Ltd. to mobilize the whole austerity

Date: 2015-07-23
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Recently, active deployment of austerity Oilfield Services Ltd., to increase production, the decision to support earthquake relief, the mobilization of all layers of communication, carefully organize the work, regardless of the administration or the production line, all efforts to reduce costs and austerity.
COSL current management has made a decision to cancel business units to the disaster areas and meeting arrangements, cancellation of regional conferences. Future meetings will be strictly managed to minimize the meeting, compressed size, requires only internal meetings within the open meeting to be held out by the leadership of the company for administrative approval of a pen; significantly reduce reception costs, size and standard compression reception ; strict travel management, by reducing the budget to control; three years is no longer the acquisition of new commercial vehicles; addition to the normal business activities overseas, and strictly control the nature of study abroad activities; mobilize employees open your mind, save every piece of production and management copper, efforts to reduce production costs. Save the file on the administrative costs shall also being prepared.
COSL will struggle through thrift, for the people of disaster areas rebuild their homes to contribute.

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