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Oilfield Services Ltd. was awarded the 2010 Outstanding Business Awards Social Responsibility

Date: 2015-07-23
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Recently, China Oilfield Services Limited in the theme of "towards a comprehensive social responsibility management" of the 2010 annual meeting of China's corporate social responsibility wing out "good corporate social responsibility, 2010," 80 strong list.
In the past year, the global financial crisis COSL unprecedented challenges of development, the company to take positive measures to overcome the difficulties, not only to achieve business objectives for 2009, and in safety and environmental protection, energy conservation, Employment and employee rights protection, technological innovation, tax contributions, social welfare and so on with concrete action the company's social responsibility practice, maintaining the company's sustainable development
Annual meeting by the Foreign Investment Enterprises Association of China, China Charity Federation, the Chinese people (private) business and economic research will be jointly organized by China Enterprise News to enhance our corporate social responsibility on the research, publicity and promotion work, and guide and encourage enterprises to better fulfill their social responsibilities. After the "1000 target company → 500 → 200  companies short-listed candidates for enterprises," the evaluation process, and then by reference to the Committee of Experts, "2010 China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking expert evaluation system" to vote in this 200 enterprises, and ultimately selected 80 list were the winners.
The award is topped COSL social responsibility following the 2009 Top 100 List, and access to the "2009 China Corporate Social Responsibility Special Award", once again honors in social responsibility.

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