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Company to carry out safety inspections in winter

Date: 2015-07-23
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      Recently, under the leadership of the company producing the actual arrangements and requirements of the drilling carried out to study and implement the "winter precaution insulation measures" and "winter safety operation" as the focus of the winter safety inspections, with emphasis on safety in production wells production team was examined and requirements.
      Inspection team led by the company vice president, projects, safety supervision department, engineering department, equipment management department and other departments of life service brigade attended the inspection. Each team in a well, a detailed inspection of their diesel engines, mud pump and other major equipment and well control equipment, all kinds of oil, gas and water pipelines, and various electrical appliances, circuit insulation, protection and so on, there is a detailed record of the problem and out of the rectification notice. Requires the leadership team well, and the brightest cadres attached great importance to large classes, work hard to rectify, effectively freezing winter construction is not one employee, do not freeze in a single device, not an inch of frozen pipes, to ensure personal safety, equipment safety, underground safety.
      During the inspection, inspection team also on staff to learn and master the winter drilling brigade safety requirements make the situation a random test, with special emphasis on the well team after the completion of frost protection measures for storage device.
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