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50th Anniversary Exhibition of OPEC in Vienna

Date: 2015-07-23
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OPEC Secretary-General spoke at the opening ceremony Baddeley said of OPEC to stabilize the international oil market and the positive role played and will continue to contribute in order to ensure market supply and demand (BaoKun Wang)

The opening ceremony, Austrian Post OPEC officially launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of
Earmarked stamps (BaoKun Wang)

    China Economic Net Vienna September 21, 2010 (Baokun Wang) OPEC on September 20 - 29 Palace in Vienna City Park Strauss held a "50th Anniversary Exhibition." From the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other 12 OPEC members will be on display during the exhibition, the art of their unreasonable customs, dance, fashion, food and music to celebrate the 50th anniversary of OPEC.

    Vienna in the afternoon of September 20th time, this commemorative exhibition at the opening ceremony of the event. OPEC Secretary-General Baddeley, Shiping De Roger Foreign Minister of Austria, Vienna city government representatives, as well as from senior representatives of member countries of OPEC and the OPEC Secretariat officials, more than 100 people attended the opening ceremony. OPEC was established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Austrian Post in the opening ceremony for the first time launched a commemorative stamp.

    Baddeley recalled in his opening statement, OPEC since its inception 50 years of development history, that the OPEC to stabilize the international oil market and the positive role played and will continue to contribute in order to ensure market supply and demand. Also like to thank the City of Vienna, Austria and OPEC's successful operation over a long period for their help.

    Shiping De Roger confirmed OPEC oil production and trade in the international importance of the field, and the OPEC market transparency, price stability and promote world economic growth, positive contribution. Also said that OPEC dialogue with the EU energy strategy remarkable achievements, the two sides has become a partnership of mutual trust.

    According to China Economic Net report, Baddeley had earlier held in Vienna, "commemorating the 50th anniversary of the" press conference has said that the oil represented by the fossil fuels in the foreseeable future will still hold the world's energy consumption dominant position. OPEC members and the rest of the world's oil reserves to meet future world energy needs for 50 years. He believes that the transaction price of oil remained at $ 70 / barrel - 80 USD / barrel of oil between the consumer and producer countries have more favorable to the end of this year, international oil prices are maintained at this level.

    OPEC on September 14, 1960 was proclaimed in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a founding member of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Venezuela, five countries. Currently, in addition to five founding members of the foreign, as well as Qatar, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nigeria, Ecuador, Angola, a total of 12 member states. Historically, OPEC announced in 1995, Gabon, Indonesia, 2009, announced the suspension of membership in OPEC. OPEC Secretariat, established in 1961, the first office in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1965 moved to Vienna, Austria.


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