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30 million tons in the level of the Group formally confirmed by the state oil terminal

Date: 2015-07-23
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     November 23, from China's largest commercial oil transit base - a subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation in the oil transit of Xing (Zhoushan) Co. Aoshan base with the news came of the base a 30-ton oil terminal formally confirmed by the state. Ministry of Transport by the State Water Board, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province and composed of relevant government departments at all levels of the Group of Experts, construction and commissioning of the terminal, etc. were examined and unanimously agreed to acceptance.

      The 30-ton oil terminal can berth 375,000 tons the largest class tankers, designed annual handling capacity of 1800 tons, equipped with the advanced level of fire safety, environmental protection, power, communication and other facilities. The terminal since May 2009 in production since the trial operation has been successful in various types of oil tanker berth 148, the cumulative throughput of more than 1,300 tons of various types of oil. (Sinochem Corporation)

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