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CNOOC building "smart Sea oil" help "second pioneering"

Date: 2015-07-23
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    China National Offshore Oil Corporation, information technology conference in 2011 3 to 4 March in Beijing. Party secretary of the Corporation, Fu Chengyu, general manager, attended the meeting. Corporation committee member, Vice President SOCIALIST made a presentation entitled "close to the main advantage, raise the level of effort to build world-class energy company's core competitiveness," the work report.

    Fu Chengyu, should be made to the "Digital Sea oil" on the basis of the construction, vigorously promoting "Smart Sea oil," the construction of a comprehensive information technology and business development to promote the depth of integration, improve the intelligence level. Play information on the company's production operations, management decision-making, marketing management support role in strengthening the construction of soft power to promote the development pattern, for the construction of a world-class energy company to provide strong protection.

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