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Japanese strong earthquake shaking the global energy market

Date: 2015-07-23
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   Nuclear power plants all closed, gas stations have closed, oil refineries have not put out the fire ... ... from March 11 after suffering the largest ever earthquake, Japan's energy supply is facing great pressure, impact on global energy markets, oil prices drop as, Nuclear power policy in the provisional test.

    Japan's conventional resources and energy self-sufficiency rate of less than 5%, most of the energy dependence on imports, although Japan's energy conservation and efficiency are world-class event, but the unprecedented earthquake, the world's third largest economy created unprecedented challenges of energy supply .

    The earthquake caused damage to several nuclear power plants, and nuclear power generation capacity in Japan has accounted for 1 / 3, so far the energy supply in Japan can not meet demand. In order to ease the tight supply, the Japanese government announced measures to take turns power.

    Similarly, the earthquake also caused the Japanese oil industry a heavy blow. Located in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture of Japan's national oil reserve bases in the four outdoor oil storage tank and all damaged by the tsunami, but fortunately did not cause a fire.

    Cosmo (COSMO) of the four oil refineries - one of the Chiba refinery of the pillars of liquefied petroleum gas storage tank damage caused by fire. JX Nippon Mining Nippon energy companies that have taken place in Sendai refinery fire. As Japan's two major producers of petroleum products, refining capacity caused by the earthquake decreased the supply of petroleum products to Japan will have a negative impact.

    Although Japan has been vigorously promoting the development and utilization of new energy, but oil in Japan's primary energy consumption structure in the still dominant. "BP Energy Statistics 2010," the data show that the oil in Japan, the composition of energy consumption in 2009, still accounted for about 42.7%.

    But relying on a sound oil reserve system in Japan, short-term domestic oil supply being not affected. March 14, the Japanese government announced that it will allow the major oil companies spent 890 million barrels of crude oil reserves of mandatory, thus easing the tight supply of crude oil. This is implemented since 1993 in Japan 70 days since the mandatory oil reserve system, the second use of crude oil reserves.

    Japan is the world's third largest oil consumer, the spending power of up to 440 million barrels a day. The earthquake caused the Japanese oil refining processing capacity of a certain degree of damage, and the country's overall oil demand to a certain extent, the international oil price was lower, the New York market, oil prices fell below 100 U.S. dollars per barrel. Analysts believe that Japan will use the coming months as oil and oil products, electricity, crude oil demand may rebound quickly, the state oil prices will remain in the shock pattern in a variety of factors.

    To ease the current energy crisis situation, the Japanese government began buying large liquefied natural gas can be used directly. Japan is the world's second largest consumer of LNG, global gas trade in 2009 in the proportion of about 35%. According to the request of the Government of Japan, Russia, Japan, has been prepared to provide 15 million tons of liquefied natural gas.

    As Japan's strong demand for natural gas, natural gas futures prices this week reported the global rise. Made according to UBS analyst predicted that if Japan's nuclear reactors remain closed until 2012, LNG demand in Japan may be an annual increase of up to 120 billion cubic meters.

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