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United States announced sanctions against 14 Libyan oil company.

Date: 2015-07-23
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      Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 22 -, The U.S. Treasury Department announced that 22 national oil company of Libya sanctions under 14 subsidiary companies.

      Ministry of Finance said in a statement, a set of national oil companies control the exploration, production and sales in one of the corporate network, the Department of the Libyan government, "the main source of funding." Ministry of Finance will continue to monitor the business activities of the Libyan national oil company, once its subsidiaries or affiliated facility "a change in ownership and control", with the approval of the Ministry of Finance may consider a change in the trading entity.

      The United States has frozen Libyan government assets Gaddafi himself and his family. Libya by the UN Security Council to establish no-fly zone in the first 1973 resolution, the United States, Britain and France from the military alliance has 19 targets in Libya three rounds of air strikes.

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