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Norwegian State by the United States Gulf of Mexico deepwater oil drilling permits

Date: 2015-07-23
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      According to overseas media reported on March 26 in Houston, United States Marine Energy Board on March 25, said in a news release, the Norwegian state-owned oil giant Statoil (the Norwegian national oil / Statoil) obtained from the oil spill last year, the first since 6 were conducted in the U.S. deepwater Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling a new license.

      Press release, 6 copies of the Norwegian deep-water drilling permit will allow countries in the Gulf of Mexico deep water oil 7134 feet (2174 meters) within the Alaminos Canyon block 810, a new well drilled. City Block 810 from Texas about 216 miles (348 km).

      Norwegian State Oil is in compliance with the provisions of the U.S. Ocean Energy Board's new security rules after drilling to obtain the license.

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