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China Offshore Oil Exploration will hold the annual

Date: 2015-07-23
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November 24 to 25, China National Offshore Oil Exploration in 2011 will be held in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Comprehensive summary of the conference's exploration results in 2011, exploration work in 2012 to make arrangements, and around Wang Yilin, chairman of the forum in the exploration technologies corporation "in order to promote exploration of new breakthroughs in the development of new offshore oil industry," the instructions, put forward specific work plan and implementation measures.

In 2011, CNOOC made a good exploration results, the annual oil and gas discoveries to maintain a high level, successful completion of the company's exploration program, the evaluation of companies in mature areas, rolling exploration and new exploration have made remarkable achievements in the Bohai Sea ring lithology closed Bohai hill science exploration and the exploration of new areas is also a major breakthrough, the first overseas exploration was also a historic breakthrough. Reserves to a new level in the same time, companies in the exploration efficiency and commercial success, outstanding, well-executed exploration program throughout the year, a record high exploration work, and better cost control, with 100% of the cost to complete 110% of the the workload. Limited Exploration Department to strengthen the organization, the implementation of refined management, operations management showing a lot of bright spots.

Corporation Vice President, Rong Li Fan, Chief Executive Officer and President affirmed the achievements made this year's exploration work. In his speech to the participants on the status of a limited company and challenges. He said that in recent years, Limited distribution from domestic to foreign assets, from sea to land, the company entered the field of unconventional, practices changed greatly. With the recent China Sea oil development by leaps and bounds, the company succeeded in production, cost control, reserve-production ratio, and security is also facing greater pressure. Limited face the new situation and the rapid development of new challenges, Li Fan Wing that must be a clear mission, insist "second five" goal, gradually increase the effective workload, increase reserves and production to achieve the task. Exploration work has always been the top priority of the company's work. Exploration of all staff to build confidence and take advantage of the comparative advantages of China Sea oil, based on rich Chinese offshore oil and gas resources, continue to strengthen research, adhere to search for medium-sized oil and gas fields.

For the exploration work in 2012, Li Fan Rong proposed units should focus on Wang Yilin, chairman of the Corporation, a solid exploration forum on speech technology, the development of concrete, the work plan can be implemented and measures, and conscientiously. He also Limited in exploration and development integration, deep-water exploration, overseas exploration, offshore China mine management, the development of unconventional oil and gas exploration, seismic drilling, etc. the efficient allocation of resources to deploy.

Zhu Weilin, head chief geologist at the meeting summed up the characteristics of the exploration work in 2011 and highlights that the current exploration work is facing some challenges, pressures and responses. He said that in 2011 the exploration effort and exploration results are maintained at historically high levels, continuing the good momentum in recent years, efficient organization and management, and full of enthusiasm to ensure the sustainable development of the exploration work, further progress in several areas of the direction of a major breakthrough.

For the exploration work in 2012, said Zhu Weilin, Ltd. attaches great importance to all units of three-dimensional seismic importance of strengthening the relevant technology research, to further strengthen the 3D seismic acquisition and preparation of key areas of secondary three-dimensional argument, and do a good job of regional research and basic research. Exploration and development company also further promote the integration of in-depth study of low porosity and permeability reservoir exploration and development of technical problems. Natural gas exploration company to win next year, deepwater exploration and overseas exploration to obtain a major breakthrough. Companies in the mining management, operations management, reserves should also be self-assessment innovation.

At the meeting, from the Department of Exploration Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch, Zhanjiang Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Shanghai Branch, South East Asia, Limited development and production department, the relevant person in charge of CNOOC Research Institute, delivered a work report . Company representatives also combine the spirit of exploration technology forum meeting, a number of exploration around the hot topics discussed. A group of senior experts exploration, from the head body and Co., COSL, Sea oil development and other relevant units responsible for a total of 100 people attended the meeting.

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