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The company won the 2010 legal risk management of Chinese listed companies "Golden Shield Award"

Date: 2015-07-23
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Recently, China's listed companies in 2010 Summit Forum on Legal Risk Management Shield Awards ceremony, 20 companies as good legal risk management and control capabilities, from more than 1,800 listed companies stand out, get the "2010 China Excellent legal risk management of listed companies Enterprise Award - Golden Shield Award ", COSL among them.

The forum is organized by Peking University Law School Research Center Business and Law, Beijing University of Chinese enterprise legal risk management research center, China hosted the newspaper when the CCTV Financial Channel, "China's financial reporting," Securities Law of China Law Society will be jointly organized. "China Times" well-known legal risks of joint institutions, domestic and foreign well-known economists, legal experts, the independent risk consulting experts, the mainstream financial media and the general investors to participate in the selection of this Golden Shield Award, after the corporate governance of the finalists and internal control standards and shareholder protection rights of minority shareholders, related party transactions, social responsibility and other areas of legal risk related to management of public information to prevent a comprehensive analysis and assessment, combined with the fundamentals of data analysis, the organizing committee that COSL "Legal risk management in the enterprise has relatively good practice, effective enterprise risk prevention law for enterprises to provide a relatively stable development of good protection," and finally to grant the award.


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