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CNOOC Limited announced that the transfer of directors and senior management

Date: 2015-07-23
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CNOOC Limited announced today that the Board, Mr. Fu Chengyu, chairman and director resigned the day job. Mr. Liu Jian was appointed the new chairman of the company and resigned as Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director to Non-Executive Directors. Mr. Li Yong was appointed as new CEO. Mr. Zhong Hua due to job changes, will resign from executive vice president, chief financial officer positions, their duties will be Mr. Li Feilong successor. Mr. Zhong Hua's resignation and Mr. Li Feilong's successor will be September 16, 2010 entered into force.

Mr. Fu Chengyu, said: "Over the past eight years, as the company's chairman, I witnessed the re-listing of COSL, after 2002, continued rapid growth, the company has annual revenue in 2009 was nearly 7 times in 2002, the net profit is nearly 9 times in 2002, the shareholders equity is the end of 2009, 3.6 times the end of 2002, I am proud of these accomplishments, and the company contribute to the development of all employees, the company served as the management and board members thanked. At the same time I am very pleased to see the Board decided that Mr. Liu Jian successor as chairman, he is a capable of facing challenges and pressures, the company leading the development of strategic thinking, and I on his experience and leadership is full of confidence that the Board of Directors under the leadership of Mr. Liu Jian will lead the company into a more beautiful tomorrow. "Mr. Fu Chengyu, CEO of the company made a new assessment:" Mr. Li Yong, 26 years in the oil and gas industry experience, respectively, In the oil companies and oilfield service companies held important positions, he COSL management team work has been highly praised the board, I told him full of expectation. "

New chairman, Mr. Liu Jian, said: "Mr. Fu Chengyu, CNOOC service access to international capital markets COSL founder and leader development strategy. In the past few years, it was Fu's vision and excellent control lead COSL has made achievements of the past more than a year, I board of directors and management team as a member of the work under the leadership of Mr. Fu, benefit. took over as chairman, I am your shoulder the weight of responsibility, I will work with all members of the board to work together to fulfill their duties, continuation of efforts to COSL rapid development, as shareholders continued, stable returns, I also believe that its new chief executive, Mr. Li Yong management team, led the Board to achieve development goals, the company's management a higher level. "

Mr. Fu Chengyu, Mr. and Mrs, outgoing executive vice president, chief financial officer, Mr. Zhong Hua's work during his tenure in the company highly, and wish the new jobs in greater success.

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