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Drilling in the Ghawar oilfield HOOSL create a new record

Date: 2015-07-23
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        HOOSL Ainaisi40001 team concluded a well Ghawar 47-6-72 well advanced on the basis of experience, a team of cadres and workers to work harder, active and effective organization of Ghawar 47-8-78 well the production and application of new drilling technology, new technology, 12 hours in just 15 days to complete 3716 m of drilling, the aircraft's production schedule created in the Ghawar oilfield drilling HOOSL a new record.
         Ainaisi40001 team in the construction process, the Ministry of the wells from the project team, from team to team well, everyone mobilization, Cengcengbaguan, strict development, improve the technical measures to improve and optimize the management reward system to further improve the technical measures and team management, improve the team management. Has been highly commended by the owners!
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