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HOOSL drilling oil projects in Iraq held in HSE training

Date: 2015-07-23
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January 6 to 16, in Man held in Shanghai, drilling 11-day HSE training projects in Iraq, a senior training institution by inviting the teachers to come teach, drilling quality and safety of staff skills has been fully improved.
       Organizing the training program to meet the international requirements of the Party and the HSE Baker Hughes Drilling QHSE MS in the provisions of Man. Training a total of 33 students who either transferred from Man the backbone of the team well, some from the public recruitment and selection of petroleum professionals, as the drilling of the International Department of the drilling crew members about to set off overseas, they learned, including IADC WELL CONTROL, FIRST AID, FIRE FIGHTING, HSE KNOWLEDGE, STOP CARD, H2S PROVENTION, BHI HSE REQUIREMENTS and many other courses, for a new understanding of international standards, theory and skill level has been enhanced.
       Group leaders attach great importance to this training, group president of the General Lee in the first day of classes came to the scene to see students, introduced the group's two Iraq strategy, and we put forward ardent hope, asking everyone to learn HSE knowledge and proficiency in wells control skills, understanding of the international practice of project operations to ensure that projects in Iraq hit the ground running, as the Man in the international drilling market, drilling glory fame. Group's development of the situation to the participants a great encouragement, they learn enthusiastic, successful completion of the training task.
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