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Iraq the Halfaya Project drilling new record

Date: 2015-07-23
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On February 17 local time at 0 o'clock on February 7th, Iraq Halfaya project HF011-M306 well the successful completion of drilling, completion period of 35 days 9 hours earlier than the design period of 24 days to create the Halfaya block setsingle well to well the shortest construction time a new record.

    HF011-M306 well is the first well drilled in Halfaya project in 2012. Wells design depth of 3179 meters vertical depth of 3113 meters, the largest well inclined 27.65 degrees, directional well is a development of the Mishrif the main reservoir.

    HF011-M306 well the implementation process, bearing drill the DQ023 drilling crew of the wells in operation, under the leadership of the "Daqing Iron Man," Li Xinmin, pay close attention to the work of the three bases, optimize workflow, only 5 days, 15 hours Complete the relocation of the installation work for the 70D drilling rig.

    January 15, HF011-M306 wells successfully drilled. At 0:00 on the February 7th, wells successfully drilled the actual drilled to a depth of 3186 meters vertical depth of 3119.6 meters, breaking the record of the previously created by the drilling crew in Halfaya oilfield well HF001-M267 47 days, 3 hours, to achieve the 2012 drilling opener, set foot speed Improve Efficiency stairs.

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