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East Island on the recognition of the 2012 annual rig supervisor, drilling advanced personal decisio

Date: 2015-07-23
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East Island on the recognition of the 2012 annual rig supervisor

 drilling advanced personal decision

The Yuedong Island two 50DB rig production and drilling operations, from the inception of our company to bear the first rig production, supervision and participate in the drilling project, an important event for Harbour oil service history breakthrough. In the year of the rig manufacturing and running, all employees of the company, according to the company's development strategy, aiming to do good, to do fine, a stronger three goals, adhere to building a first-class project team, first-class team ideas, always adhere to the ISO9000 and QHSE two systems standards, adhere to the API standard, and constantly improve the technical standards and regulations, optimize equipment supporting the program, and implementing QHSE policy and technology focus on on-site service, enhance process monitoring, to ensure that the drilling rig manufacturing process of operating high standards, high-quality, high-security, party, including rig, a high degree of satisfaction of the parties involved in the drilling project.
In a year's supervision, the drilling process, the emergence of a large number of people and things epic. To summarize the experience in the promotion and recognition of advanced further mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of the employees of the company, by the company's research, decided to be recognition awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the Yuedong Island rig supervision and drilling projects.
Prominent contributors:Shi yuquan
Advanced Individual: Xiaojun,Quyue,Guo ruifu,Duan youzhai,Ma danqing,Huang yakui,Li yongfei,Zhang yulong,Yang chao,Fan lipeng,Zhang baojun,Gao dequan,Hou lifu,Wu jianbo,Liu kui,Zhang yangyang;

Employees by the recognition of prudent, persistent efforts, scaled new heights, and hope that the majority of employees of the company to the advanced learning, advancing with the ideas in their respective jobs and pioneering and innovative spirit state efforts to promote the company's continued effective scientific development, and strive to achieve a "world-class" goal, building oilfield services engineering company with international competitiveness of the brand-name!

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