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Wu Ma Lu Mozambique Basin the discovery of new gas fields

Date: 2015-07-23
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        According to Xinhua news agency in Mozambique, according to "News" reported on October 19, Anadarko Mozambique Mozambique recently Lu Wu Ma basin in northern coastal areas of discovery of new gas fields.

        The report quoted officials as saying the Ministry of Mines MO, Anadarko's offshore drilling platforms in the depth of drilling to 5,140 meters and found 110 meters in thickness with gas. Company believes that the initial exploration results show that Lu Wu Ma gas-rich basin. The company's offshore drilling platforms will be transferred to the new block to the oil and gas exploration.

        Mozambique Anadarko Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is the U.S. agency in Mozambique. February of this year, the company had Lu Wu Ma basin gas find another block.

        In recent years, some foreign investors to Mozambique for oil and gas exploration. At present, more than 10 major foreign oil companies engaged in oil and natural gas in Mozambique exploration and development.


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