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CNOOC Bohai peak in 2011 of two oil production of 1.2 million barrels of daily production

Date: 2015-07-23
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        Xinhua News Agency, Beijing 20 October Information (Reporter Anpei , Hujunchao) 20, China National Offshore Oil Company Limited announced that two new oil fields in Bohai Bay has recently successfully put into operation in 2011 will achieve a peak of 1.2 million barrels of daily production.

        BZ 26-3 oil field is located in central Bohai Bay area, and BZ 25-1 fields in the middle adjacent to the south. Average water depth of oil field is located about 25 meters. The field development and production operations will be mainly relying on the facilities in the surrounding fields. BZ 26-3 Oilfield 4 wells currently in production is expected in 2011 peak of 6,600 barrels of daily production.

        LD 32-2 oil field is located in the eastern Bohai Sea, and adjacent to the producing fields Luda 27-2. Oil field is located about 25 meters water depth. To reduce costs, CNOOC LD LD 32-2 and 27-2 oil field was jointly developed. LD 32-2 oil field is currently a total of 4 wells in production, is expected to achieve by 2011 a peak of 6,300 barrels per day.

       BZ 26-3 and LD 32-2 oil field are self-employed, CNOOC Ltd. has 100% interest in two oil fields, and himself as the operator.

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