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CNOOC acquisition of Dongying Port petrochemical oil reserve bases construction

Date: 2015-07-23
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China Chemical Industry News September 30, 2010 hearing (Weiping Gui) recently, CNOOC has acquired the port, Dongying City, Shandong Province, and invested heavily in the oil refinery project and the construction of large oil reserves base. Hong Kong Harbor Industrial Zone of Dongying rapid scale, and laid a solid foundation.

Dongying Port is mainly based on the Yellow River Delta, facing the Bohai Sea; relying on the hinterland, for the international. In the industrial layout, based on the overall function of regional location, resources and environment carrying capacity and development potential to determine the benefits of Dongying between Hong Kong and Guangzhou to Hong Kong over 1200 square kilometers of sea area, as yellow triangle economic zone focused on efficient ecological breakthrough areas, centralized planning layout of the port industrial area.

Shandong Province established under the State "The Yellow River Delta, the development of efficient ecological economic zone" strategy put forward a new plan, request for strengthening the regional center in Hong Kong Dongying Port status. Dongying Dongying city government to vigorously promote the port expansion project, with CNOOC signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, CNOOC acquired by the Dongying Port operations.

According to the plan, Dongying Port is positioned as a bulk cargo terminals, oil terminals and container terminals set of comprehensive, multi-purpose deep-water port, is a yellow triangle area important to the sea. As early as last April, Dongying municipal government has invested 1.5 billion expansion of 1, two 3-ton general cargo terminal has been put into operation.

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