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CNOOC Energy R & D institutions will be located in Changping "future science and technology city"

Date: 2015-07-23
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        September 20, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Changping District, Beijing signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, both sides will strengthen cooperation in areas such as technological innovation, CNOOC's energy R & D institutions will be located in Changping District, "future science and technology city."

        As the bearer of technological innovation and high-tech R & D capital, a major task of the important industrial base in Changping District, focus on the development of energy technology, modern equipment manufacturing and other industries. Currently, Changping District is focusing on creating a "Golden Cross" high tech industrial development zone dominated corridor, which "future science and technology city" project is the focus of the work the next few years.

        It is understood that building "technologies of the future city", the SASAC and other relevant state ministries and building an innovative country in order to achieve and enhance the strategic objectives of national competitiveness, a major initiative taken by CNOOC, the Shenhua Group, State Grid, etc. 14 central enterprises in the implementation of national strategies for the implementation of the central introduction of overseas talents ("thousand Plan"), will focus on building the talent base for innovation and entrepreneurship and R & D clusters. All plans to use 3 years to "future science and technology city," built a world-class, leading the development of applied technology, applied research on behalf of our technology related industries highest level of human innovation and entrepreneurship base.

        Under the agreement, both sides will integrate advantageous resources of CNOOC increase in the promotion of independent innovation, and transformation of economic development, efforts to improve the level of Changping District, R & D, optimize the industrial structure, promote regional economic and social sustainable, healthy and rapid development.


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