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PetroChina Huabei Oilfield built in Digital City Platform

Date: 2015-07-23
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August 30, with the North field of digital wireless base station into electricity, oil field north of concern wireless digital platform put into use, become the first major oil industry cluster private network wireless system. Huabei Oilfield has entered the ranks of the wireless digital oil city.

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Billboard for the construction of the digital oil field, oil field exploration and development to adapt to the staff of life on the demand for communication networks, communications companies in North China Oil Field Construction for the high cost of optical cable construction is difficult, and can not meet the actual needs of wireless communications, to accelerate the construction of a wireless access system as the oil field the necessary supplementary information technology.

McWiLL wireless broadband access system is a stable and reliable financial video, data, voice and integrated services such clusters as one of the transmission system, enabling simultaneous video, voice and data multi-service access and support for mobility. Communications companies in North China Oilfield Oilfield McWiLL wireless digital technology platform for system development, to overcome the large-scale networking, multi-bearer service, interconnection terminal roaming issues and a series of technical problems, after two years hard work, and the oil fields in the outlying areas Renqiu 56 base stations, mine construction, mining and urban areas to Renqiu full depth of the wireless signal coverage and basic coverage of the external mine.

The system platform construction is completed, the oil area for two ways to provide fixed and mobile voice, broadband, video surveillance, home care and collect data transmission network for all IP-based communications services. Classification in the oil field production, including direct, full-service multi-machine scheduling cluster scheduling system, mobile or fixed voice, SMS, data, statements return the remote command system and emergency communications; in life, can carry mobile broadband Internet access, water projects such as the remote copy set meter; to Intelligent Community applications, can support access control systems, home security, gas leakage alarm, intelligent control of household appliances, electronics find more, perimeter guard, and background music systems, to bring more oil production and living more convenient.


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