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Shengli Oil Field for 15 years with an annual output 27 million tons of crude oil

Date: 2015-07-23
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     China's crude oil production and the second largest oil field - Sinopec Shengli Oil Field, relying on scientific development, efficient development and rely on sophisticated management, scientific and technological progress, institutional innovation, created the 15-year average annual crude oil output to keep oil production at 27 million tons over miracle, out of an old oil field new path of sustainable development.

      Assistant general manager of China Petrochemical Corporation, said Wang Lixin, Shengli Oilfield 43% of proven resources, the main exploration targets have been converted to the future hidden and deep reservoir. Meanwhile, the oil region as a whole in the development phase of high water, tapping the potential of existing mature technology getting smaller and smaller space, the concept must be refined into every aspect of development management.

      It is understood, Shengli Oilfield has formed a "fine management" as the starting point to establish a "bottom-up" cost control mechanism. How to spend the grassroots have the final say, subject to rigorous performance appraisal constraints, remuneration determined by the performance. Performance evaluation is based on "enhanced oil recovery," and a series of core indicators. "Fine management" part of the process are not taken seriously by line workers take the initiative to optimize the improvement. For a production step, we are sometimes able to design a variety of different options, repeated as appropriate until the satisfactory comparison.

      Shengli Oilfield complex geological structure, include the world's reservoir type 2 / 3 or more difficult to develop large domestic and international recognition.

       The face of difficulties, the victory of people overcome a series of heavy oil development technology, researchers will be well, viscosity reducing agent, carbon dioxide, steam flooding, and other joint development of technologies and methods used to achieve the production of heavy oil reservoir with Chinese characteristics to zero breakthrough.

     Statistics show that since 2001, victories heavy oil output increased year by year, in 2009 annual output of 4.13 million tons of oil, becoming the second largest heavy oil production base. As of the end of 2009, Shengli Oilfield, low permeability reservoir has reached 944 million tons of proven reserves.

       Special geological conditions of Shengli Oil Field Shengli Oilfield achievements of today's technology level. Since 2000, Shengli Oilfield, for 10 consecutive years of 17 National Science and Technology Awards, which the domestic industry is very rarely seen. Currently, each relying on technological progress Shengli Oilfield Proved reserves of 40 million tons more than add, add more than 10 million tons of recoverable reserves, the new crude oil production 300 million tons, more than 90% scientific research applications.

       Under the Shengli Oilfield, "a century of innovation, a hundred years victory" of the target to 2024, Shengli Oilfield, the 60th anniversary, to achieve "60 years of development, proved 6000000000", oil and gas production is running at a higher level.


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