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The amount of oil equipment manufacturing base in both high quality

Date: 2015-07-23
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Oil-based high-tech industrial park in Panjin construction, grasp the "coastal" and "Northeast" favorable opportunity, Panjin oil equipment manufacturing base for this reason the decision-making ahead of Panjin City, continue to become first military industry, and expeditiously in local economic development occupy an important position.

    Development: the footsteps of an international

    After more than seven years of exploration, construction, petroleum equipment manufacturing base is now presented to the world is a surprise: In 2009, the base of total industrial output value 11 billion yuan, up 83.3%; complete Gudingzichan investment of 3.2 billion yuan, an increase of 100%; full aperture to achieve 540 million yuan revenue, an increase of 71.1%. Who would have thought the beginning of construction area, Panjin Economic Development Zone, only 276.7 million yuan industrial output value, fiscal revenue 5.16 million yuan.

    Currently, oil equipment manufacturing base in Panjin has oil equipment manufacturing and petroleum engineering services companies hundred. Oil equipment manufacturing, petroleum technology services, oil and high-tech research and development, the development of these industries have become the Panjin representative of the new economy industries. In these enterprises, especially in the operation of equipment manufacturers, fully reflects the international market, technology and talent international, and international capital characteristics.

    Park started seven years, there have been the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan enterprises have settled down. Drill pipe, drill collars, drill bits, pumping units, top drive unit, more than 30 varieties of oil equipment market, almost all oil producing countries around the world.

    - Liaoning Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd. production of various models of the top drive from the technical to the quality of international standard, not only in the Liaohe oil field, Daqing oil field to promote the use of domestic oil fields, but also exported to Sudan, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Iran other countries, a strong foundation of the domestic and international markets. Have independently developed the world's first low top drive, the world's first purpose-frequency top drive vehicle, China's first direct-drive top drive and China's first top drive straight hole. Among them, solid control of SMEs Xunhuanjitong been identified as special new product specialization, low top drive national science and technology R & D project personnel services enterprise projects.

    - Liaohe Oilfield Drilling Pipe manufacturing company, since 2006 settled in Panjin petroleum equipment manufacturing base, has been a complete product development and reliable quality assurance has won the favor of the market, products widely used in oil fields and Iran, the United States, France and other 20 countries and regions. Has passed the APISPECQ1, ISO9001 quality system certification, and the American Petroleum Institute APISPEC 5D, APISPEC7-1 product logo license certification. Is the first of the three consecutive years of quality system certification of oil equipment companies.

    - Younis by the United States owned stock company incorporated in 2005, specializing in "fire flooding oil recovery," the Eunice Gas Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., beginning in the operation had attracted international attention with the industry, they have the United States and Canada's world-class experts and outstanding domestic fire flooding of oil engineering and technical personnel, advanced fire heavy and light oil patented proprietary technology driven, on-site implementation experience and excellent driving fire equipment. Fire, flooding low-yield wells in the oilfield two experimental groups were applied, the oil recovery from the current 21% to 60%.

    - 2007 year, Liaohe Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Corporation, located in Panjin petroleum equipment manufacturing base. The large enterprises, R & D and production rig for the main business, to build a global brand rig, total investment 20 billion yuan, various types of land-based drilling rig capacity 100.


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