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The worlds largest drive the success of a coal gasification plant

Date: 2015-07-23
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    From China Datang Corporation news came at 1:29 on October 18, the world's largest coal gasification plant - Great Tang Duolun Coal Chemical Company No. 3 coal gasification plants drive the success of a coal gasification plant.

    Coal gasification plant is the largest coal chemical projects Tang Duolun core devices, the leader of a package of chemical devices, the device uses the world advanced clean coal fluidized bed gasification technology, Shell is the world's first coal-fired units equipped with 6 Shell gasifier mouth. Gasifier can handle a single day 2870 tons of raw coal after drying, is the world's first, three sets of such a project while building the gasifier is the world's first.

    Great Tang Duolun coal chemical project undertakes the important task of restructuring the national energy strategy, the 3, drive the success of gasification equipment for the realization of the company's "safe to drive, open up the process a full range of products," the goal has taken a solid step .

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