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Fifth Sino-Japanese energy-saving and environment protection forum held in Tokyo

Date: 2015-07-23
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        Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, October 24, 2010 (Reporter Lan Jianzhong) - Fifth Sino-Japanese energy-saving and environment protection forum held in Tokyo on 24 May. The forum is organized by China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Chinese Embassy in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Economy and co-sponsored by the Japan-China Economic Association. Officials from China and Japan, experts, scholars, business people, nearly 2,000 people attended the opening ceremony.

        China's National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director said in his speech, the two government officials, experts and business people gathered to exchange experience in energy-saving environmental protection, strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries an important part. Resource conservation and environmental protection is China's national policy, China will accelerate the construction of energy-intensive society, the development of circular economy, and enhance capacity for sustainable development. The two sides are highly complementary, energy-saving environmental cooperation between the two countries to carry out the common interests of both peoples.

        China's Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping in his speech stressed that China and Japan increasingly close economic and trade relations, China is Japan's largest trading partner, Japan is China's third largest trading partner. Energy saving is an important part of bilateral economic and trade cooperation has become a consensus of the two companies hope that the future government and private sectors, construction has symbolic significance of the large projects.

        Cheng Yonghua, Chinese ambassador in his speech pointed out that Sino-Japanese energy-saving environmental protection is the most important areas of cooperation, China's abundant human resources and huge market, is the Sino-Japanese cooperation in energy saving a great opportunity. The forum is facing the twists and turns in Sino-Japanese relations at the environment, but the Chinese government to promote China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations will not change the determination.

        Japanese Economy and Industry Minister Wang Tai Tian Zhang said in a speech, energy saving and environment protection forum is an important platform for cooperation between Japan and China. Cooperation in the energy field of environmental protection, strengthening mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries in the economic field, to achieve win-win situation, is of great significance. Japan has faced in the stage of rapid development pollution problems, Japan and China is willing to share their response to experience.

        At the opening ceremony, the two companies and research institutions, 44 were held the signing ceremony of cooperation projects, these cooperation projects covering power generation, waste disposal, sewage treatment, water purification and many other hot areas.

        In the next sub-forum, experts and scholars are divided into semiconductor lighting and building energy efficiency, coal and thermal power generation, water treatment, energy saving of 8 groups of SMEs, conducted in-depth exchanges.

        Sino-Japanese energy-saving and environment protection forum since May 2006 since the first held in Tokyo every year alternately in China and Japan held. The two countries cooperation in energy saving has become a new highlight in bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

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