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Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline in Kazakhstan started the second phase (Figure)

Date: 2015-07-23
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       December 21, in another major Kazakh energy cooperation projects - in the second phase of Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline (not Yinie Wu - Shymkent gas pipeline) in Kazakhstan Ak correct compressor stations in Pennsylvania grand Ba Zhuoyi held a groundbreaking ceremony.

        By video link, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in Astana, the main venue to hear the vice president of China Petroleum and Sun Bo AG Kazakh national oil and gas companies and gas sector, general manager of the report from the scene Nursultan Love After the start order issued. Chinese government representatives, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the National Energy Secretary Zhang, Group Vice President Dong Wang into the special trip to attend the main venue for the ceremony. This project is mutually beneficial win-win China and Kazakhstan in principle, adhere to the energy cooperation is another important project for the future will expand cooperation in the gas sector between the two countries far-reaching implications. The main venue in Astana, Kazakhstan Zhang received the Kazakhstan President issued the National Friendship second medal Aktobe Kazakhstan project was the 2010 President's Award for Enterprise Best Social Contribution, CPC ManJiDaWu Company Best of the collective contract of the Year Silver Medal.

        According to October 14, 2009 the PRC Government and the Government of Kazakhstan signed the intergovernmental agreement, and June 12, 2010 Kazakhstan national oil and gas stock company of China National Petroleum Corporation signed agreement between the relevant enterprises, project completed a technology demonstration program and create a joint venture agreement negotiations and other preparatory work. Kazakhstan pipeline starts at the state sets do not Yinie Wu Manggis, in the state of Shymkent South Kazakhstan and Central Asia natural gas pipeline connected to a total length of 1475 km, designed annual gas transmission capacity of 100 billion cubic meters, can be expanded to the annual 15 billion cubic meters. Pipeline will supply gas source implemented in phases. The first phase is complete Ba Zhuoyi to Shymkent pipeline and 1,164 km section of Bozo the first station construction mission in accordance with an annual gas transmission capacity of 60 billion cubic meters; the second phase is complete do Yinie Wu - Ba Zhuoyi 311 km section of pipelines and related gas compression station construction mission, annual gas transmission capacity of 10 billion to 15 billion cubic meters.

        Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline in the second phase by the Kazakh president and the Kazakh government attaches great importance to the majority of the people of southern Kazakhstan look forward. Chinese oil from the "win-win, long-term cooperation," the strategic joint build with Kazakhstan, on the one hand to meet Kazakh pipeline south of the country's economic development and people's living needs, on the other part of the gas will be exported to China through Central Asia Gas Pipeline the same time, Aktobe will provide unobstructed natural gas, oil transmission channel, led the field Zana Noel, Wuli He sets, and so block the development of gas field, in order to increase oil production and economic benefits of long-term stability play an important role. Pipeline is completed, Central Asia and Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline to gas trunk network and connectivity of the western major oil and gas areas, effectively enhance oil and gas cooperation between the two countries and Kazakhstan strategic level.

        According to agreements between enterprises, do not Yinie Wu - Shymkent pipeline transportation of natural gas stock company from Kazakhstan and Central Asia Gas Pipeline Co. of China Petroleum joint venture company to take charge of pipeline construction and operation. The first phase of the current project started in 2012 put into operation by the end of ventilation.

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