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Veeder-Root unveiled innovative technologies NACS Show: "oil management experts," the frontier explo

Date: 2015-07-23
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        Oil into gas stations, sales and stock balance can automatically correct? The oil management software can also extract data from tens of thousands of gas stations?

        Recently held in Atlanta in the U.S. convenience store and gas station equipment exhibition (NACS / PEI), the Weidelute the company's innovative technology products for the oil station management provides a solution for problems and introduced a gas station for the future needs of the development of new features and new products.

        From around the world thousands of convenience stores and gas stations to participate in the exhibition industry, equipment manufacturers, to explore to find a new growth point, the application of new technologies and expanding global business.

        As an industry leader in technological innovation within the company, Veeder-Root wonderful debut in this exhibition. Veeder-Root focused on the introduction of enhanced AccuchartTM II with the TLS-450 liquid level instrument console, displaying the patented automatic tank calibration algorithm program used to generate a highly accurate tank capacity table to help customers effectively manage profit and loss, America has been successfully applied to hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. The introduction of the TLS-450 liquid level instrument with enhanced AccuchartTM II function, faster and more accurate automatic tank correction, rising to meet the oil into gas stations, sales and stock management requirements fine. TLS-450 tank either directly with the probe station connected, but also can be connected to a large oil storage tank probe the ground to achieve a comprehensive automation of the refinement of management.

        Inform.Net oil management software is Veeder-Root is another management tool, with C / S structure, allows customers to use self-management of their enterprise information systems of all petrol stations in the network to support unrestricted access to sites and users can also The data collected tens of thousands of gas stations for a variety of level gauge models on the market, customers can be maximized to reduce hardware investment.

        For a growing number of ethanol gasoline market, Veeder-Root at the show also focused on the introduction of ethanol gasoline in the oil-water separation detection device. The Veeder-Root detection devices rely on the probe, and sustainable to detect the bottom of the tank water level and the case of separation of ethanol gasoline and ethanol and water before the actual separation, timely and accurate detection of water content, real-time display in the Verde Road special level gauge console. Once the case of oil-water separator, level meter will be the police, to prevent water damage to the customer's car engine. The device is the world's first third-party certification authority by the solution. Veeder-Root exhibition also shows the mechanical system of secondary oil recovery from the mechanical system and control valve for gas flow to control the flow of liquid hydrocarbon recovery ratio.

        Weidelute Jason Weir, president of the, said: "All along, Weidelute have to automate and environmental protection of oil-driven, continuous focus on customer needs, continuous application of technological innovation. We are confident in the future to continue leading fuel stop oil management industry, as retail customers a reliable strategic partner of the oil. "

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