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300 million tons of Shenhua coal liquefaction project will be located in Xinjiang

Date: 2015-07-23
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        December 29, Shenhua coal liquefaction project butt Fair held in the Eastern meters, Shenhua Group Corporation Limited produces 300 million tons of coal liquefaction project will be located in the Eastern rice.

        Same day, Fort Industrial Park, Oasis meters Eastern Park, an area of 4 square kilometers of the coal-oil project site has been identified. The project is planned investment by two-step construction, every step of the investment of more than 200 billion yuan, a year after production 100 million tons of coal direct liquefaction and indirect liquefaction of coal 50 million tons. Project put into operation three and a half, after completion of all annual output of 300 tons of oil. Among them, mainly for diesel oil, liquefied gas can be output, heavy oil, naphtha and other products.

        It is understood that coal-oil energy strategy has become an important trend. Extremely rich in coal resources in Xinjiang, on the capital, technology, resources, and have very high requirements of the coal-oil projects, has good prospects for development. China's dependence on imported oil was 50%, coal as alternative energy, chemical industry in the future dominant. Rich in coal resources in Xinjiang, the country's total estimated reserves of resources 40% of the total amount of more than forecast.

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