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Iran announced the discovery of a large new gas field

Date: 2015-07-23
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       Iranian Oil Minister Masoud Mir - Kazemi 16, announced Iran near the Persian Gulf south of the country discovered a large gas field.

        Iran's Fars Province news agency quoted Mir - Kazemi as saying that the newly discovered gas field called "Khayyam" in Iran's energy special economic zone east of Assam Lu Ye.

        Mir - Kazemi said that the gas geological reserves of 2,600 billion cubic meters, recoverable reserves of 80% of total reserves reached 210 billion cubic meters.The total value of new gas fields reached 500 billion U.S. dollars.

         Iran has rich oil and natural gas resources, is the world's oil and natural gas in urgent need of one of the big investment.Its natural gas reserves in the world and the second, of the world total gas reserves of 16%.However, due to shortage of natural gas production, it can only maintain the current output of the domestic market demand, exports very little.And some in Western countries, the UN Security Council last year after new sanctions on Iran, most of Iran's oil and gas in the field of international investment in the withdrawal of the investment company.

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