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Salt and Chemical CNOOC Pathfinder

Date: 2015-07-23
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        February 21, Shandong Haihua Group plans to invest in the petrochemical, salinization integrated project team will be held in coordination, the feasibility of the project plan was discussed. CNOOC Shandong Haihua Group accounted for 51% of the shares, the actual controller for the company. Been demonstrated by the project, it will be China's CNOOC in its "second Five Year Plan", which will become the characteristics of the larger northern China chemical industry zone.

        Currently, these projects need to organize experts. Preliminary estimates, justification and approval phase requires 1 year.

        The industry believes, will be extended to the fine chemical refining industry is the China Sea oil fields to achieve the strategic layout of competitive differentiation, CNOOC is also supported by the following swim upstream sector, to create a complete industrial chain, "shore" Pathfinder.

Begun to taste the petrochemical, salt Integration

        Inorganic salt chemical industry is a traditional industrial raw materials industry, product technology content and added value are relatively low, short chain, it is difficult to separate the downstream development.

        Is located in Weifang City of Shandong Haihua Group, located in the Bohai Laizhou Bay, with a unique geographical advantage.

        In 2009, CNOOC acquisition of Shandong Haihua Group, announced the launch of the petrochemical, salt integration project - using China Sea oil resources and oil resources in Weifang of salt, the salt chemical and petrochemical industry combine to create the petrochemical, salt Features integrated petrochemical base.

        "Shandong Province, the country's total reserves of crude salt 1 / 3, Weifang City, Shandong Province, salt reserves account for 1 / 3. Shandong Haihua Group has rich salt resources. CNOOC is a complete marine resource-based large state oil companies. a combination of both can get out of a central economy combined with the local state-owned economy, adjusting the industrial structure, improving the way value-added products. This is a very unique way. "CNOOC Refining & Chemical Division, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Haihua Group Chairman Wang Hui introduced.

        "Sinopec, the direction of integration projects is the salinization of ethylene, propylene and aromatics as raw materials, and salt chemical process of integration, development of organic chlorine and organic amine two series, and extends downstream industrial chain, promoting the product structure to achieve ' products from inorganic to organic products, from low technology to high technology, from low value to high value-added 'three changes. "deputy general manager of Shandong Haihua Group late Qing Feng said.

        "Our salt chemical industry has entered a new period of development, the formation of soda ash and chlor as a leader, co-existence of the downstream product development, salt chemical industrial structure." Expert said, "but the industry development plan, the current of the salt chemical industry is still in its early stages, especially in plant size and production technology, compared with foreign advanced level there is a big gap. "

        There are about 200 National chlor-alkali plants, petrochemical plants but the combination of a limited number of manufacturers. The situation is not conducive to this disconnect the sustainable development of the chlor-alkali industry, CNOOC to build petrochemical, salt integrated site layout is considered a strategic oil industry, chemical industry and salinity to provide a reference sample.

Participate in competitive differentiation

         "And the China Petroleum, China Petrochemical compared to both the share of resources, or the terminal sales network, CNOOC is not top-notch. Therefore, the existing market structure in China, CNOOC must be another way to participate in competition in the domestic petrochemical market . "Xiamen University, China Research Center of Energy Economics, said Lin Boqiang.

        CNOOC in China and Shandong Haihua Group's share closing ceremony, said Fu Chengyu, general manager of CNOOC, CNOOC hopes salt combination of chemical and petrochemical industry to fight the Shandong Haihua Group, CNOOC in Shandong Province an important production base, focusing on base. Focus on the next one to two years to accelerate 500 million tons in Shandong Haihua Group / year refinery expansion project, 1000 tons / year of pipeline projects.

        "Strengthening the downstream industry chain, to accelerate the network layout is CNOOC important direction for future development. Whether building gas stations, or start the integration base, are designed to expand the scale of its overall operations." Industry source said.

        In 2006, nearly 400 million yuan China Sea the price of oil will be 83.2% in Shanghai shares in Star City Oil Co. in the bag, relying on the latter's 20 gas stations, an official in Shanghai. This is also seen as China's CNOOC a big expansion of the terminal network.

        Since then, China's CNOOC to actively promote the business reorganization, and in 2008 set up the China Sea oil sales limited liability company, the integration of the Chinese Chemical Industry Supply & Sales (Group) Corporation, the original sale of chemical products based on the unified management of Oil Products and Crude Oil import and export business.

        In 2010, China's CNOOC oil sales of 600 million tons, while China Petroleum, China Petrochemical sales of the two companies are in million tonnes. Experts believe that the strength of its downstream business profits are too weak to cause the loss of the key reasons for termination, "as China's CNOOC Huizhou refinery went into operation, and Shandong Dongying million tons refinery project started, the future of CNOOC's oil refining capacity will reach 60 million tons. For only 220 gas stations nationwide CNOOC, how to digest will be another test of its face. "

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