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Shengli Oil Field discovered 77 oil and gas fields

Date: 2015-07-23
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      Shengli Oilfield has announced that a new discovery in the Xinjiang oil field - spring field. This is also the Shengli oil field exploration and development in the history of 40 years found 77 oil and gas fields. Has reported 10.38 million tons of proven oil reserves, estimated reserves 33,590,000 tons.

      Spring is the second Yongjin oil field, Shengli Oil Field in the spring after the oil field discovered in the western third oil field, located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region before Karamay farm southwest of Spring Hill flood Nanba, regional tectonic uplift in the western Junggar Basin east of Chepaizi raised.

      Chepaizi areas throughout the oil and gas exploration began in the 50s. 2 March 2005 ranked well in the Neogene Shawan awarded the high oil flow industries, found a spring field, oil and gas exploration in the area began a new situation. Spring oil exploration area is currently reported to have total 9.351 million tons of proven oil reserves, exploration results significantly. Spring is the Shengli oil field of light oil Tian Jichun Chepaizi area after the second oil field discovered.

      Director of Shengli Oil Field Exploration Description Lvxi school, spring break field, thanks to three-dimensional seismic data using fine sand and HDNS description technology heavy throughput technology is highly integrated oil exploration and development projects with a typical case. The initial single well oil production is currently at an average of 20 tons.

      It is understood that the overall oil field exploration and less spring and has good exploration prospects. The nature of heavy crude oil, ground oil viscosity of 6000 mPa s, an average of 5 m reservoir thickness, reservoir depth of 500 meters, defined as medium-sized reserve evaluation, shallow, ultra-high porosity and permeability, in abundance, high production capacity, heavy heavy oil reserves.

      Shengli Oil Field is the spring of 2009 to take over the work of new exploration has been found west of the first oil field. Shengli Oil Field in the realization of that year took over the western New research, when the deployment of exploration wells, when reported to the proven oil reserves, the initial formation continued to increase reserves and production of new scenes.

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