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Women, Minorities to See Growth in Job Opportunities in Oil, Gas

Date: 2016-03-10
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Almost two million job opportunities lie ahead for women and minorities, according to a new report by IHS that examines demographic and labor market trends in the United States for the next 20 years. The report "Minority and Female Employment in the Oil and Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industries", released March 8, estimates that 1.9 million job opportunities will exist in oil and gas and petrochemical industries through 2035.


A significant number of those new job opportunities will be filled by women and minorities. The report estimates Hispanic workers will account for 576,000 jobs and African American workers 131,000 jobs – combining to account for 40 percent of the job opportunities. Women are expected to fill more than 290,000, or 16 percent, of total job opportunities.


“The oil and natural gas industry pays wages significantly higher than the national average and can provide tremendous career opportunities for women and minorities,” Jack Gerard, API president and CEO, said in a written statement. “These careers can help shrink the income inequality gap without spending a dime of taxpayer money.”


From a regional perspective, the West South Central region (made up of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana) will see the most growth in job opportunities. The region will account for 840,000 (45 percent) of total job opportunities through 2035: this includes 428,514 jobs for minorities and 145,412 for women, according to the report.


While women are projected to grow more in skilled white collar jobs such as petroleum engineers, environmental scientists, accountants and technicians; minority workers are projected to make up more than one-fourth of the management, business and financial job opportunities through 2035.   


The upstream oil and gas industry will see a total of 1,390,201 new job opportunities through 2035: 81,066 will be filled by African Americans; 411,633 will be filled by Hispanics; and 218,625 will be filled by women.

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