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BLOG: Career Growth Most Important Aspect of Oil, Gas Workplace

Date: 2016-10-18
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BLOG: Career Growth Most Important Aspect of Oil, Gas Workplace

by Andreas Exarheas|Rigzone Staff|Monday, October 17, 2016

TweetShare17submit to reddit BLOG: Career Growth Most Important Aspect of Oil, Gas WorkplaceA Rigzone poll conducted on Twitter suggests that voters rank career growth as the most important aspect of an oil and gas workplace.

Career growth is the most important aspect of an oil and gas workplace, according to a recent Rigzone poll on social media platform Twitter.

POLL: What is most important to you in an #oil and#gas workplace?

— Rigzone (@Rigzone) 1 July 2016

Out of 251 respondents, well over a third (39 percent) stated that their development within a company ranked above a firm’s work environment (30 percent), an attractive fixed salary (22 percent) and a company’s reputation (9 percent).

Andreas ExarheasAndreas Exarheas, Associate Editor, RigzoneAssociate Editor, Rigzone

“Advancement opportunities supported by continuous development and learning options are crucial,” said Boglarka Horvath, a group strategy and business development representative at MOL Group.

“It is important to be challenged in your day-to-day tasks and have the possibility to grow both in your skill set and in your career as a result of your professional improvement,” she added, backing the majority of respondents who classified career growth as their top option.

Career growth is not only beneficial in the workplace, it also offers people the chance to grow and mature as a person, GE Oil & Gas Global Talent Acquisition Leader Jacque Field said. This growth often translates into success professionally, at home with the family and in the eyes of wider society, according to Field.

“Career growth is very important to me,” said Field.

“I think it received a high rating [in the poll] because younger employees were the main group taking the survey and they perhaps value the opportunities for career growth more than others. I understand how great it is to feel like you’re on a path toward something bigger and more rewarding, a path towards positioning yourself to make a bigger impact through your work and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like this,” she added, shedding some light on why career growth may have ranked highest among respondents.

Growth opportunities are valued by younger workers because it is harder for young people to start their careers nowadays than it was for previous generations, MOL Group Corporate Communications representative Lajos Labossa said.

“A college or university does not guarantee you a job anymore,” Labossa told Rigzone.

“You have to clearly see where and who you could be in five or ten years. If your path is ensured, you bring your hard work and talent to start your journey on it … We are happy to work a lot and go the extra mile, but what we wish to see in return is the opportunity to grow,” he added.

A lack of opportunity to grow limits the potential of young graduates, who have an inner motivation to learn as much as they can at the very beginning of their career, Anna Wiśniowska, group downstream card growwwer at MOL, said.

“Many young people are looking for companies where they can get rewarded for their commitment and move their career forward,” said Wiśniowska.

“I also truly believe in the empowerment of young people to take the lead and for that a manager’s trust is key. I was lucky to receive such support and it helped me to get a solid base for future challenges,” she added.

Company Reputation Still ‘Vitally Important’

Despite ranking in last place on the Rigzone poll with just 9 percent of the vote, Field believes that a company’s reputation and brand is still vitally important.

“I do not think company reputation came last in the Rigzone poll because it’s something that employees do not attach a great deal of value to. For a lot of people, I think it’s most likely that it just narrowly ranks behind the other three options,” said Field.

“I want to work for an organization that holds the same values around integrity, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) and corporate social responsibility that I do, and I also want to be assured that my contribution to the company fits solidly with these core values,” she added.

Supporting Field’s view, Horvath told Rigzone that many underestimate the impact a company’s reputation has on their career. The MOL Group worker suggested that being employed by a reputable company can trigger recognition from the rest of the market, therefore helping a worker’s career prospects.

“In a perfect world it should be high on the list,” said Horvath’s MOL colleague Wisniowska.

“But when it comes to choosing the deciding factors, people can relate to the aspects that have much more impact on their daily work, rather than to something intangible,” she added.

Offering his own opinion as to why reputation could have ranked last in the Rigzone poll, Labossa suggested that respondents didn’t value this aspect very highly because the majority of companies in the oil and gas sector have a respectable reputation.

“Most of the firms in our industry are large, therefore already carrying some reputation or brand awareness. As a result, it could have been perceived by the respondents as a minimum factor regardless of where they go,” he told Rigzone.

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