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Mobilization Meeting Of Kenya Project

Date: 2017-09-28
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The project department and commercial department personnel of HOOSL arrived in Kenya in September, and attend the meeting about initializing the projects in Baringo-Silali area with the Company -- Geothermal Development Company. (GDC), the Company’s CEO, technical general manager and business manager attended the meeting. The meeting emphasized the specific details of initializing the project, through consultation, the two parties has reached the following consensus:

1.  The meeting begun with welcoming remarks by the chairman followed by brief introduction by members, HOOSL express thanks to GDC.

2.  GDC has completed the construction of well site, pre-drilling work, well site water supplying and the road construction have been completed. Therefore, the two rigs can be deliver to the site.

3.  HOOSL’s rigs and staff have been ready to mobilized, and the related training was completed as well, therefor it’s ready to be mobilized.

4.  After the meeting, HOOSL initializes the mobilization procedures and send the equipment’s list to GDC, while GDC is responsible for the equipment exemption applications. HOOSL is responsible for the timely delivery of equipment to Kenya and complete all customs clearance procedure during the process of delivery.

5.  The two companies are expected to start drilling at the end of November with the two rigs work simultaneously. The opening ceremony will be held on the day of drilling, and the leaders of both sides will be present.

6.  Before the start of the project, HOOSL will cooperate with GDC to coordinate the relationship with local workers and peasants, and give adequate support to the reasonable conditions put forward by the local residents so as to make the project go smoothly.

Finally, the leaders of both sides expressed their congratulations on the progress of the project and GDC is looking forward to the performance of HOOSL. Our company will fully cooperate with Party A and strength communication, so as to confidently, efficiently and safely complete the project.

Then both team investigated wellsite.


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